Vampire: New Venice

Session 8

Retrieve Safe and Gant.
… That is all…


Session 7

Having successfully recovered the Werewolve’s spirit guardian, we lumbered through the air. Barely making a survivable landing, we group at a hanger. Cars arrive to transport us home before sunrise. We find our Haven having been broken into. The safe was cut open and the artifacts (and other evidence) either stolen or destroyed. Aiden reviews nearby video recordings to see a black pick-up and a single individual with gear. Austen interviews neighbors and makes a ‘friend’, but gains no worthwhile information.

Aiden is assigned to work with Jessica on the ritual to bind the spirit forever. Looking over the short list of people that knew about the artifacts, Austin contact Arley to arange a meeting. He draws another sketch of the dagger. This time it is in the possession of a young man once betrayed by Arley. In the background of the sketch, the Sovereign is seen cowering in the background.

A few days later, we are off in another chopper with the box in tow. Half way to target, Aiden receives a call from Charm directing him to find a concealed GPS unit showing the three additional Werewolf Tribes rushing in to aid their ally.


Session 6

· We get outfitted for battle, with our satchels on our sides, and head out on the bikes to the War Assembly at the Hotel Via Rosa
· We get to the Hotel and go up to the War Assembly room (aka the Such-and-Such), to see several people in attendance, about 20 Kindred and ghouls combined:
o Ophelia, Ambrose Thomas, Gant, Sato, Lynx, Oscar and Ryan, Jessica (a Gangrel), Adam Ciero (the chopper co-pilot)
o The other person hanging out with Ophelia turns out to be a member of a Circle of the Crone group called the Blood of Kingu
· Gant announced the Sovereign will begin; everyone crowds around the table as Sato speaks:
o In two nights time, we will strike the first blow against the Lupines
o We will invade their source of power, which we understand might be a Dragon’s Nest or an object of power
o He mentions a clever ruse designed by he and Gant, and executed by Charm to deliver guns and goods into the Lupine’s hands
o He mentioned how we killed the kinfolk and his protector
o Gant pulls up the box that we got from Charm’s car, in which is a smaller cube of opaque black material; Gant says the box was created by the Lancea Sanctum, and Charm stole it from them to use as leverage, recovered by the Rogue Brothers; the Lancea created this as a trap; it’s basically it’s a containment unit for the captured spirit/power
o Gant indicates Jessica, a lorekeeper of the Crone, will oversee the ritual; he indicates the Blood of Kingu man, Curie, will be accompanying Jessica and other scholars; Gant, and other Blood of Kingu soldiers will also accompany; we will all go in a helicopter to accomplish this
o They pull out maps and such and start going over the plan
o We are to file a flight plan to Sacramento, but when we hit the mountains we will drop below radar line, then land in a tight spot while the assault team goes to perform the ritual; the Rogue Brothers and the pilot, with one Blood of Kingu ghoul, will stay with the helicopter
o After the meeting ends, we disperse, and we briefly speak with Ambrose Thomas, who told us we were doing well, then we talked to Gant, and asked when he will go to the District of Faith; he asked if we will join him, and we tell him we want to strike out on our own; he tested our resolve a bit with that, but we passed his little “test”, and we joked with him a bit; he commented that “We might just make it yet.”
o We leave the meeting and head to Dolly to see if we can cause any trouble with the Einherjahr that we saw at Dolly earlier; we head in, past two loitering schmucks, who asks if we are the Road Brothers, but we correct them; the bigger of the two (Aces) went inside for reinforcements; the other shorter guy is Bengal, who tries to pick a fight with us
o After a glorious battle where Aidan cut through the cannon-fodder and Austen valiantly decimated Mandog and Bengal, the two brothers showed the community that they can rise together to build strong ties; some of the people hailed us, while others decried us
o Aidan picked up a punk chick and rode off on his bike, but was soon chased down by someone in a car; it turned out to be Speedy, who Aidan
o Austen went into Dolly and made nice with Becky, who was angry at him for what he did, but Austen convinced her to calm down with his disarming charm; later, after Austen fed a bit, he came back to get Becky after her shift, and met Adrian, the handyman at Dolly, who lived in the neighborhood for 25 years
o Becky goes with Austen, and he convinces her that he is a walking saint; he ends up having his way with her; he also lays the groundwork with her roommate

Session 5

· In attendance are:
o Deirdre Polly, Nosferatu, Ordo Dracul
o Ambrose Thomas, Ventrue, Ordo Dracul
o Michael Milton Yates, Mekhet, Carthian
o Dr. Shannon MacMillan, Ventrue, Carthian
o Persephone, Daeva, Circle of the Crone
o Ophelia, Gangrel, Circle of the Crone
o Denis Anton, Mekhet, Drifting (Unaligned)
· Austen approaches Persephone and makes some conversation (i.e. schmooze) and she offers him a taste of a ghoul, a beautiful young woman. He takes a taste and immediately floods with the Blush of Life.
· Aidan approaches Ophelia bearing a gift, the silver knife with which he slew the totally powerless and feeble Lupine, ensconced in a wooden display case; she appreciates the gift with animalistic glee; he regales with the story of how he and his brother, the mighty Austen, infiltrated the protectorate of the Wolves and sent them a message
· The “festivities” get started; Sato divvies out the unclaimed areas of the city, and appoints Gant as the authority over the district being given to the Lancea and the Invictus, called the District of Faith; Anthony Charm prostrates himself, subjecting to a vinculum to the Sovereign, and admits his betrayals, including his collusion with the Lupines
· The gift-giving begins:
o Nosferatu Don Williams gave a ring of inconsequential connection to Sato
o A Carthian offers up a suit of a well-known brand in the Sovereign’s size
o Austen gives the scroll, which the Sovereign truly appreciate, telling his valet to “have it framed immediately”
· After the ceremony we talk with Gant, who tells us that he is moving to the new territory, and we’ll need to decide whether to go with him or not.
· After the Elyisum, the Brothers Rogue get kitted out for a night on the town
· The set out on their bikes, ride around, then encounter some douchebags driving like idiots, whom we follow to a gym called Hel’s Gym. They get out and go inside. The meet up with a couple of guys and ask if Bengal is around. They meet a guy named Lars. Lars talks about the fights and the betting, and says Bullet is the bookmaker, if we want to place a bet.
· The boys head to Dolly, where the Rusty Crotchnails are playing; we find nothing and head back to the haven
· The next night we go to a coin store, where we meet Greg. We knock on the closed shop door and go in to speak with him. Greg checks the coin and does some research, discovering that the coin is relatively valuable, in very good condition. It’s a profile of Julius Caesar on one side, with the seal of the Roman Empire on the other side. It’s near-mint, from about 50 BCE. He has sold similar coins for $9k. He offered to buy the coin for $4k, or he could authenticate it for $200.
· The Brothers then head to Waterfalls, an occult shop with a high-tech waterfall; we meet up with Jonesy, who offers to “help” us; he helps us identify the flower as burdock; he tells us that burdock would be used mostly for “healing the heart.” Broken hearts, etc. He says if it was harvested on the longest night of the year, it would have the opposite effect, creating more pain of betrayal (i.e. dark burdock). He helps us choose several books of herbs. Austen takes him to his apartment and feeds on him.
· The boys then head to the Ordo Chapter House on India Point; they intend to research the dark burdock; we enter the grounds, park the car, and knock on the main door; a ghoul steward, Charles Harrison, answers the door; we start researching for rituals and find a couple of books, not much is found out before we finish for the night; we go home for the night
· The next day we head to Stir Crazy to meet Arlie Hackett face-to-face for the first time; Arlie brings Richard Wakefield with him; we negotiate the reading of 2 items for $1,500; he starts with the coin, and his hand starts sketching on his tablet; the coin produces a drawing of a Roman scene, during daylight, of two men facing each other, one man handing the coin to the other; the one with the coin is General Gaius Trebonius, and the guy getting the coin is Marc Antony; Gaius was paying Marc Antony some money he owed him, from playing the game Duodessa Scripta; he starts on the knife, producing a drawing of an amphitheater with benches, most empty, and the ceiling in the background is detailed, but the figures are stick figures, no detail on the people; Arlie is perplexed, saying the knife is empty, that the resonance of betrayal had been stripped from it; at last he reads the burdock, drawing a picture of a POV of the sky at night, a moonless night from December 21st, a woman’s hand cutting a flower with a curved double-edged knife, which cuts into her hand as she harvests the burdock
· The helicopter I fly is a Bell 205-1; I am flying with Adam Ciro, a ghoul who is to accompany me; we fly around the city, land once, switch who is the pilot, then fly back.
· Aidan goes to an MMA gym and scopes it out for lessons; he speaks with the sensei, and arranges for some private lessons to begin Tuesday; nonetheless, Aidan is a big wuss
· Gant tells us to meet him across the bridge, one of us with the car, and one of us on a bike; we end up at a warehouse in Pinewood surrounded with high fences and razor-wire; Gant is inside with Oscar and Ryan, the Carthian agents; a truck pulls up with some ghouls, and we are told to unload the truck, with crates full of weapons and blood, around the warehouse; two Lancea vampire pigeons come by; they are they bait in the intricate trap being laid by Gant and the Sovereign; the black car stays behind, and the Brothers go home together on one bike, with Austen riding bitch
· Saturday night Austen gets some stick-time while Aidan cruises around the neighborhood
· Sunday night we get a text from Sally to collect for the War Assembly on Tuesday night; we head to Diabolique, the club run by Violette Magritte; after greeting Joe at the door, we enter the club to be greeted by Violette, who takes them on a whirlwind tour of the redesigned club, which Austen helps her name “Walking in the Clouds;” Jennifer, her assistant comes by to say hello; we go to the corner to wait for her; at some point Austen asks her about Redwall, and she tells him she doesn’t like the funny man with the “pointed habit;” he then tells her of Arlie, and she does seem interested
· On Monday, Aidan presents Austen with some beautiful silver-edged fighting knives; later that night Austen gets some more stick-time, and brings Aidan with him; by now the chopper was outfitted with folding seats, possibly for an assault on the Lupines
· We end as we wake up on Tuesday, ready for the War Assembly

Session 4

· We wake up, get ready to roll, and get a text message from Director Sally Hughes (i.e. the Prince’s Herald); the text is to indicate there is a general assembly meeting on the next Tuesday at the Hotel Villa Rosa, an Elysium
· Austen tries to research the flowers online, but to no avail, so he decides he’ll have to consult with some expert in person; Austen finds a couple of stores that could help, one the Eye and Stone and the other Waterfalls.
· Aidan went to Radio Shack and other stores to obtain various surveillance tools and equipment
· Austen also researches Redwall, and find that it was founded by Phillip Werner in 1935, his son Leopold is the current owner; Leopold is still actively running the place at 75 years old; he is a collector of ancient weapons, he is one of the foremost authorities on ancient weapons, having written several books and articles; he used to be a competitive professional fencer; the club clientele is comprised of several loyal customers, as well as hipsters; there are stories of people who may have been treated rudely by the staff, and other times when the staff ejecting a rude customer; there is some evidence of Werner leaving Germany as a reaction to the rise of Nazism
· Austen contacted Redwall and asked if he could come talk to Leopold about the knife
· Austen then headed out in the car to meet Aidan near Larkin’s house
· We prep all the surveillance equipment, scope out some unsecured wi-fi hotspots, and begin to place the equipment
· Aidan climbs a lightpole that doesn’t work and places one webcam
· Austen sneaks into the backyard and slips the dog some laced doggie treats so he can place another webcam into a tree looking through the sliding door
· The doggie barfs the treats up, then starts following us around as we sneak inside and look around; since the dog is getting in the way, Austen gives him another laced treat and locks him in the bathroom; Austen hears some barking and scratching, then nothing; when he goes to investigate the bathroom, he finds the dog has somehow escaped; he hears Aidan talk to the dog, Austen walks up, the dog darts into the master bathroom, Austen pursues, they all scuffle; the brother see the dog phase through the bedsheets and the floor, and then they soon hear the dog on the roof, howling; highly unusual; Austen darts to the roof and drop kick the dog to the ground below in a brilliant maneuver; the dog falls to the ground, but then disappears.
· The brother retreat, then head back home to set up the webcams; once the webcams are set up, they see the police in the backyard, investigating with Larkin; there is no sign of the beagle, but the camera picks up a wolf-like shape lurking in the shadows; are werewolves involved? Were-beagles?
· The brother get dressed to hit Dolly again; Austen needs a little snack, and decides to try to pick up Becky from the night before for some action
· When we get to the club, the Atomic Wombats are playing; after putting the mojo on Becky, I take her for a spin on the bike, then take her back to her apartment to give her the Kiss; her roommate is Jill, and her boyfriend in Tony
· We called Gant and updated him on what we learned about Larkin’s dog; he told us to drop everything we had planned for the next night and prepare to meet at dusk
· Gant comes the next morning, and we brief him on the video surveillance; he tells us to kill Larkin, to leave a message to the wolves that they cannot ignore
· We head to Larkin’s house, Aidan calls him to warn the kids off, Larkin freaks out, takes the kids to Red’s, hands them off to their mother, and speaks with the cops; the cops check out the house, then leave
· Larkin drives drunk back to the house, where Aidan gets in the front door posing as a cop; Austen sneaks through the yard; Larkin’s friend Bill was there
· Bill tells Larkin to get more beer from the garage as a pretense to get Larkin out of the room, then Bill attacks Aidan; meanwhile, with blinding alacrity, Austen streaks to the garage and quickly dispatches Larkin; sadly, because Austen was not fully convinced of the rightness or fairness of his actions, his slaughter of Larkin caused him the loss of his precious Humanity, though he did not suffer a derangement from it
· The return home, catch Gant up on the news, and Austen attempts to feed, but he fails, since his mojo is totally shaken from the slaughter of Larkin
· The next night the Brothers head to a Latin dance club to feed; Aidan does a quick wham-bam, but Austen takes his time and seduces a saucy mamacita and has his way with her in a corner, feeding her mind with ideas of spreading the word of (and her legs for) the only real man, Austen Rogue; with any luck, Austen’s name will titillate her lady friends and irritate her boyfriend
· Afterward, they change clothes and head to Redwall to see Leopold Werner; when we get to the club Austen flirts with Christine, the waitress, and they admire the weapons on the wall
o Leopold studies the knife
§ It is a puglia from 100 B.C., Roman in origin
§ It is the same sort of bodkin that was allegedly used by Brutus to kill Caesar
o He takes us back into his office
§ A curious series of identical rooms with doors on each side
§ He offers to purchase the knife from us, but we tell him that we cannot part with it yet, as our employers still need it
§ He provides us some contact information to pursue more academic certification of the knife
· On the way out, Austen nearly bumps into the most attractive women he’s ever known, a woman whose perfume literally intoxicates him; he leads her to a table and discusses things with her; her name is Claire Lily White, Werner’s niece; she worked the mojo on Austen, who became totally enrapt by her; she fed on my devotions to her, eating my passion; suddenly she is stricken with horror, as she realizes Austen is dead inside; she flees, and Austen chases her into the Hedge; Herr Werner intercedes, and Austen bares his fangs; Werner is surprised, but takes him aside and asks him questions as if the Brothers are of the Lost
· Austen tells Gant about the weirdness at Redwall; he wants us to get whatever information we can about Redwall and its inhabitants
· The next night we prepared for the Elysium; Austen had a gift of a Meiji-era woodcut print that resembled him ready for him
· We head to the Villa Rosa for the party
· Ordo Dracul Governor Dierdre Pauley
· Ordo Dracul Governor Ambrose Thomas

Session 3

· After getting dressed, we headed out for the night
· There are three main punk clubs to choose from:
o One has a neon outline of a woman in a sexy pose, similar to a hentai illustration; it is named “Dolly”
o One is decorated with rusty chains on the outside of it, as if anyone who comes to the club might bring chains to throw up on the building, chains of all sizes; it is named “Chain Theater”
o One has a stained cinder-block wall with hundreds of band posters, poster-on-poster, covered by a corrugated metal awning; it is named “Four”
o There are multiple other unnamed clubs around the neighborhood, but these are the biggest and most popular
· On the way to the club, we pass a club with a red-brick face, and the sign reads “Redwall;” it does not have Einherjahr tagging on it, and the building seems to be cleaner than the rest of the street; the patrons who come in and out seem to be a bit more upscale than this neighborhood would support; the people are in their 30s and older, wearing very fashionable clothes, clothing that would seem to indicate higher income brackets and a more upscale lounge environment; the place has its own parking lot and valet; the place has solid reviews on Yelp, and it indicates that it has live music and is a restaurant and bar; the owner is stated to have an incredible collection of weapons adorning the walls; this could be the next investigatory tack to follow up on the ritual knife we found
· The Rogue Bros head for the neon woman club, called Dolly
o On the way to the club we met a homeless man, JR, who Austen gave a little money to; after we left him, we heard three thugs harassing him and breaking his wine; we walked back, Austen accosted the thugs, and Aidan made sure JR was okay, giving him more money; JR mentioned he was a vet; we thrashed the punks (among them Blackie, Chris, and Eugene) and sent them packing
o Playing at the club are the Petrified Clown Turds
o Austen got some information from the bartender, Becky, about Einherjahr; it was started by a guy named Moogie, and their territory goes from X Street to Y Avenue; they came about 5 years ago, and cleaned up the street, forcing alcohol consumption out, and enforcing their rules
o Dolly is owned by Billy Foss, who is almost never around; she mentioned she’s not happy about the families that own the stores who have been consistently harassed by the Einherjahr, but she likes not having rowdy customers
o When the Einherjahr moved in they began to harass businesses, especially liquor stores or bars, forcing them out of the neighborhood
o When leaving the bar, Austen achieved an epic success with Becky, the bartender, in a flirtatious promise to “see more of her”, to which she responded positively
· Next, the Rogue Bros head to the Chain Theater and Four
o They learn that the current boss of Einherjahr is named Mandog, except he is rarely seen
· Outside of Four, we ended coming across 9 Einherjahr beating up a guy and his girlfriend; we dispatched them and came across a guy named Mark, who was armed with a shotgun, who hated the Einherjahr; Mark mentioned the “rules”, which include not dropping blood on the sidewalk
· We let most of the punks go, but kept two, who told us that Bengal and Chin were the ones giving orders, and that Mandog doesn’t really show himself
· We went home and turned in
· The next night we did some more research; I sent another email to Arley asking to meet; Austen also researched Moogie, Mandog, Billy Foss, Bengal, Chin, and Mark (the owner of Four)
· The next night, Gant came by and asked us to find Larkin Durant, a name Austen recognized from the SIM chip; Larkin is white, 32-ish and lives in Richmond Heights; we are to find him, watch him, and learn about him
o After researching Durant we find he is a Park Ranger, divorced
o The town he lives in is nestled up against the mountains
· The Church of St. Cuffman, a Catholic church that caters to homeless to feed them
o Aidan enters and meets Sister Mary Robin Wilson, whom he offers to donate some money
· Durant lives on a cul-de-sac near the edge of the mountains; behind his house is the wash, a big concrete river meant to catch the rain and snow runoff
· While waiting near Durant’s house, Austen got an email from Arley, and after some back and forth he agrees to meet in one week’s time; Austen suggests that they meet shortly after 7PM next Thursday at Stir Crazy, a coffee shop located near Redwall; he agrees
· After observing his house, they return to the neighborhood for Aidan to feed; after that we get home and sleep for the day
· Friday evening we wake up, and Austen researched the flower petal; Austen, through various searches, has narrowed it down to thistle or burdock
· Austen also researches the coin, and finds a couple of rare coin dealers in the neighborhood
o He got two responses asking for more info, and also asking what I’m asking for; they said the coin is Roman in origin
· We head back to Larkin’s house, then follow him to a sports bar called “Red’s”
· We hung out watching Larkin and his friends, nothing happened, we followed him home, we scouted, saw nothing but a dumb dog, then we left
· On the way home we stopped at the flower market and picked up some burdock and thistle; we determined that the flower is probably burdock; next time we will be researching the occult uses of both

Session 2

· With the rest of the night ahead, we explore our new territory further, riding our glorious bikes through our streets
· After sleeping, we get outfitted for heading back to the USS Franklin
· We got the boat again, got to the ship, noticed there was another boat moored to the ship, reeking of humans and cigarette smoke
· We wandered into the bowels of the ship until we came across three men who accosted us; we quickly dispatched them (Jerry, Arley, and Rich); Jerry was killed; Rich, the leader, was gravely wounded, but survived by the generosity of the PCs; Arley was knocked unconscious, but was basically unharmed; Rich blabbed everything to us, including the fact that Arley was capable of psychometry, and in fact, sold his services for it
o Arley is a psychometrist, Rich found him in New Age Styles; we let him go, with the idea that we would follow up on Arley, try to figure out what he is about, possibly grab him for research for the Dragons
· Ken Taggart (Anthony Charm) was the target, Lou the Hippo sent them; Lou can be found at a gentleman’s club in Pineland
· We searched the ship and found:
o A dead cell phone
o A SIM card
o A broken SIM card
o A knife, possibly used for a ritual
o A flower petal
o An ancient Roman coin
· We took photos of everything, copied the SIM chip, then headed back to the Haven to meet Gant
· Gant told us to find out more about the coin, knife and petal
· The gang tag with the buffalo-esque horns is for a gang called “Einherjahr”
· Rich and Jerry’s phones had a number on it, which we will call later from a pay phone
· We researched Arley on the internet, found his email and requested that we meet him; he was skittish at first (could read from the email that I was lying), but he eventually agreed to meet with us; we still have to schedule that meeting
· We also researched the Einherjahr, found out they were old Norse dead warriors of legend
· When we pick up next session, we will have finished the research and will leave the Haven at 10:00pm and head out into the streets of our territory and hit the punk clubs to find out more about the Einherjahr

Session 1

Our assignment is to find Anthony Charm (alive)
· When we left the Haven, we noticed some gang graffiti that said “Hermanos” in bold red letters.
· We are checking one of his three known bolt-holes, in the National Defense Reserve fleet, located in the Bay
o We learned that the shipyard is guarded, and most likely patrols
o The ships are maintained off the coast, but not on military premises
o Protected by private security firm
o Marine patrols unknown
· Austen was able to use his military contacts to speak with Stan, an acquaintance of Regular, who told him that Global Securities was the security company that has the military contracts for may government sites around New Venice
o Global Securities employees are mostly civilian third-tier guard
o There is no water patrol, other than the Coast Guard once or twice a night
o 2 guards during the day, 1 on swing-shift, 1 at night, crews working during the day repairing ships
· Aidan was able to use his dockworkers contacts to speak with Maynard, an old-school dockworker. He’s a gnarled, calloused epitome of the dockworker stereotype. Aidan tried to get a boat for us to use to get to the fleet. He was able to get us hooked up with a craft for $200/night from a guy named Gus.
· Gear:
o Thin nylon rope with grapples and rappelling attachment
o Flashlight with colored lens
o Earpiece communicators
o 2 flares (Aidan)
o Stakes
o Lockpicks (Aidan)
o Duct tape
o Zip ties
o Ball-gag
o Metal thermos filled with bleach (Aidan)
o Small bundle of rags (Austen)
o Small pry-bar (Austen)
o Couple of glow-sticks
o Powdered graphite (to add next time)
o Small bolt cutters (to add next time)
· We got the boat and navigated slowly to the ship where Charm might be; Aidan had some trouble navigating the waters, but Austen managed to correct his bearings
· We got to the USS Franklin, dispatched a drunken meal, then made our way into the bowels of the ship; we eventually entered the engine room, where we found Charm; Charm surrendered, ceded his axe to us, then came with us.
o While on the ship, we smelled an occultic herb odor wafting through the air.
· We piloted the boat to his car to retrieve a box, but we were accosted by ghouls in the service of Charm’s enemies, dressed as MPs. We killed them (after Austen frenzied with rage), then they burned that cars to get rid of the evidence, but we took all their wallets, jewelry, and weapons.
· We drove to the Transportation Authority grounds for our meeting, where waiting for us were the Sovereign’s agents, Ryan Hargrave and Oscar Colm of the Carthians
· When we returned to our Haven, the “Hermanos” graffiti was covered with an unrecognizable symbol in white
· Gant met us later to congratulate, and tell us how this was all prearranged, to save Charm some face with his erstwhile allies. The backhanded insult was the Rogue brothers were sent to take him down. When we informed Gant of what we discovered on the boat, Gant then told us to explore the USS Franklin further the next night.


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