Violette Magritte

Nightclub Owner and Patroness of the Arts


Austen Contacts (Nightlife/Clubbing)


Granddaughter of famous Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte, Violette is a beautiful, exotic, and enigmatic woman. The owner of several galleries and clubs in New Venice, Violette is the very essence of sophistication, pushing the limits of art and fashion in almost every aspect of her life. Her flagship club, Diabolique, is the hippest spot among the art crown in New Venice, and Violette can often be seen there, holding court in her plush corner table, surrounded by sycophants and fashionistas alike. She isn’t a vampire, that’s pretty clear, but she certainly isn’t a normal human. Her aura is hard to read, and she has a definite air of “knowledge” about her. She knows the names of several key vampires in the city, and knows enough to refer to them as “Kindred.” She also knows enough to preserve the Masquerade. Since meeting her while clubbing, Austen Rogue has become fascinated with Violette. He struck up a conversation with her, and was entranced by her intelligence and beauty, and by the end of the night they were embracing in her dark booth. Yet he found himself unable to feed on her that night, or any night since. She taunts and teases him coyly whenever they meet, referring to him as “Mon Petite Mort,” a French double-entendre that literally means “my little death,” but also means “my orgasm.” Austen is eager to learn more about Violette, but at the same time he loves that she is such a mystery to him.

Jennifer is her personal assistant.

Violette Magritte

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