Reginald Bascomb ("Regular")

Air Force Master Sergeant, Aviation Mechanic and Logistics Controller


Austen Contacts (Military)


Starting as an Airman First Class aircraft technician, Regular worked hard and become one of the best damn rotor-wing mechanics serving in Iraq. Though he could swing a mighty T/R coupling spanner, his real forte was in “acquiring” things that nobody else could in the middle of the desert. Famous for once getting hold of a fresh, moist red velvet cake for Lt. Col. Simms in the middle of the Fallujah surge, nobody knew where he got his supplies, or how he managed to sneak so much stuff onto camp. Now stationed in Ash AFB in New Venice, Regular is now in charge of logistics, shipping, and receiving, a position that is almost perfectly suited for his particular skills. Austen Rogue and Regular hit it off right away when they first met at Al Udeid AB in Saudi Arabia, where Austen was flying a CH-47 Chinook transport chopper between outposts in Iraq, and Regular was a wrench jockey. Regular has proven to be a valuable contact for Austen, able to procure all manner of items, for a price. Without knowing it, Regular helped supply Austen and Aidan with much of the ordnance that they used to defend the Prince’s stance in New Venice.

He is currently working off the generous gift from Austen to him of 50-yard-line season tickets for the The Arsenal.

Reginald Bascomb ("Regular")

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