John Sato

The Sovereign


John Sato is of half-Japanese/half-Caucasian descent. Until his death, he was never seen without his massive bodyguard, Lynx, a Nosferatu. Lynx died in the Battle of Villa Rosa.

Decisions are made by a vote by the Governors (elders), but the Sovereign (Prince) may overrule them excepting the removal of the Sovereign himself. John Sato is unusual in that he recognizes and allows a Governor from the Unaligned (called the Drifters or Drifting) Kindred living in New Venice. Currently, neither the Invictus nor Lancea Sanctum is represented due to the recent civil war. Each Governor is granted an area of the city of which he or she is responsible.

Sovereign Sato’s decision to call the city’s gathering of elders as the Iwayado Table may come from one of two sources. The first may reference a Japanese Shinto myth where the sun goddess takes shelter from her angered brother in a cave called Iwayado. The second is a tradition of crafting wooden chests with many drawers operated by fine counterweights and intricate gears.

John Sato

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