Chazz Frye

Old-School Radio Newsman and Opinionated Talk-Radio Host


Austen Contacts (Media)


Chazz is an interesting example of what happens when a good old-school news reporter burns out. He was a TV journalist for KRON from the 1980s through the 1990s, covering city politics and the police beat. After years and years of seeing how corrupt things were getting, it finally got to him. In 2001, in the middle of a news report standing in front of City Hall he had a live, on-camera meltdown, cursing about systemic corruption and a wide variety of topics, peppering his rant with copious expletives. He was on for a full minute before they managed to cut his satellite feed. The news director called him and fired him on the spot. The public loved him, however, and there was a huge outcry over his firing, and his popularity soared. KRON tried to hire him back, but a bidding war started for him. He eventually got snatched up by KPIX-TV, who gave him his own Andy Rooney-style segment on the 10 o’clock news hour, as well as a call-in talk-show on its sister radio station, KCBS. Austen Rogue met Chazz while he was flying helicopters for KPIX. They initially bonded because Chazz had been in the Air Force in the late 1970s, and Austen enjoyed hearing Chazz’s rants about whatever was bugging him that day. Through Chazz, Austen has been able to get a lot of information about mortal politics, as well as what’s happening in the city. During the Kindred war, Austen fed Chazz some interesting little tidbits about some investments that belonged to Leo Messerschmitt, which led to several mortal investigations of his holdings, which further divided his attention during the crucial moments of the civil war.

Chazz Frye

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