Austen Rogue

Supplicant of the Dedicated Hunger


Enforcer of Gant Jones, Sheriff to Elder Ambrose Thomas


Austen Roag and his twin brother Aidan were Army brats from the beginning. Born on a base in South Korea, for the first years of their lives the twins traveled the Pacific Rim with their father, Colonel Alistair Roag, and their mother, Allison Roag. While stationed in the Philippines, their mother gave birth to Antoinette, who the twins immediately felt very protective towards. Eventually, the family ended up in a small posting in Okinawa, where they stayed for the next several years. All of the children soon learned to speak Japanese fluently, and for the rest of their childhood, the three children would talk to each other in Japanese, much to their parents’ chagrin.

As the twins reached the age where they would enter middle school, their parents decided to give them some stability, and Colonel Roag managed to get a more permanent posting at the Army installation in New Venice, California. The family moved there, and the children quickly fell into a picture-perfect life. The twins were very competitive in sports and academics, both of them constantly trying to one-up each other. Aidan joined the football, swim and water polo teams, where he was known for being a tough bastard. Austen joined up with the Greco-Roman wrestling, track & field, and cross country teams, where he was knows as being a quick bastard. Though they both did well academically, they didn’t set any curves for their grades. They were too busy being show-offs and overachievers on the sports field and with the ladies, and they were two of the more popular kids at school. They continued to speak to each other in Japanese whenever others were around, much to their teachers’ chagrin.

In their senior year of high school, Antoinette became a freshman. She hated living in the shadows of her brothers, but she was herself no slouch when it came to sports, quickly becoming a star on the school gymnastics team. One thing she had that the twins didn’t was the discipline to make the grade. She was one of the smartest kids in school, and she was constantly acing exams left and right. However, as long as the twins were around, she never had any peace. She was popular with the boys in school, too, but anyone who came near her had to contend with Aidan and Austen, much to her chagrin.

After graduating high school, the ambitious boys wanted to go to college, but were only offered partial scholarships to different schools. Unfortunately, family finances were not up to snuff, so the twins opted to enter the military. Their proud father had hoped, of course, that they would join the Army like their dad, but no, the two competitive boys each chose a different branch of the military, with Aidan joining the Navy, and Austen joining the Air Force. Austen flew through basic training, and was quickly indoctrinated into the MedEvac unit, where he flew during the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions. He was star combat medic, often risking his own life to save those of other soldiers. He worked diligently in his off-hours training in weapons and reading whatever he could find. He wanted to use the G.I. bill to get his degree, then get signed up for flight school and become an officer. He was definitely on the fast-track. He served his first 4-year tour, and was about to re-enlist (as was his brother) when they got word that both of their parents had fallen ill. Their mom had been diagnosed with cancer, and the stress of that situation had led to their dad having a heart-attack. Family came first for them, so they decided not re-enlist and went home to take care of the family.

The twins moved back home. By that time, their sister Antoinette was enrolled at UC New Venice, majoring in Business and Economics. Both of the twins got jobs to help with family finances and continue putting their sister through university, and they both made use of the GI Bill and enrolled at UCNV. Both men, as ambitious and over-achieving as ever, enrolled in double-majors, both of them studying Psychology, with Aidan also focusing on Criminal Justice while Austen focused on Biology/Physiology. Austen was extremely interested in pursuing a career in medicine, and he was especially fascinated in the inner-working of the brain and the nervous system. He had seen more than his share of head-wounds while in the service, and he was extremely interested in how those wounds affected the mental states of the patients. He was planning on entering the field of neurophysiology so he could study the effects of trauma on the brain and neural network. Of course, still biting off more than he could chew, he also took private flying lessons on the side, soon earning his license to fly helicopters.

The twins finally graduated from university when they were 27 years old. By then their parents had recovered from their illnesses, and their sister had already graduated and gotten a high-profile job at Goldman Sachs, where she was extremely driven and successful. She had recently moved in with a guy that she’d been dating for a while; he was the first man who had been able to get through the Austen/Aidan gauntlet, for which Antoinette was very relieved. She seemed to really love him. The boys were still working side jobs while preparing to take their next steps in life. Aidan was applying for a position at the FBI, and Austen was applying to medical school. In the meantime, Austen had managed to get a job flying for KPIX-TV, Channel 5 (“Your Channel 5 Action News Team. Live the news!”). Things seemed to be going fairly well for them. Then their world changed.

A few months later, the twins were coming home from the football stadium after watching another crushing defeat for the New Venice Arsenal (“The ARSENAL! We play dirty!”). The stumbled across what appeared to be several young gangbangers attacking some unfortunate women. The two twins, still slightly buzzed from the game, heroically stepped in to help the women. There were only three of the punks, after all, and they were trained soldiers. The twins didn’t know what hit them. These gangbangers turned out to be a roving band of trouble-making vampires, Unaligned and off the radar, just passing through town and looking for a midnight snack. The brothers were each embraced into a different Clan, Aidan a Gangrel and Austen a Daeva. Their itinerant sires left the boys there to fend for themselves, without so much as an explanation of what happened to them, what they had become. They were eventually discovered by the vampire community, who was torn between destroying the unsanctioned neonates and initiating them. Eventually Gant Jones managed to have their lives spared, and he took them under his wing.

Gant, a Nosferatu, became their mentor and indoctrinated them into the Ordo Dracul. For the first several months, the twins continued to lead the lives they had, to some extent, still keeping in touch with their family. However, in order to explain their frequent absences and strange behavior, they convinced their folks and sister that they had been hired by a very secretive security agency. The twins began to seclude them from their family more and more. Eventually, Gant convinced them to end all ties to their mortal coil, and he helped them stage their own deaths. Though Aidan and Austen both missed his family very much, they still kept a close eye on them from afar, especially their sister, who was becoming an alarmingly aggressive corporate executive. Austen suspects that her ambitious behavior might get her into trouble one day, and he wants to be there to protect her when shit hits the fan. On more than one occasion, Austen has suggested to Aidan that they “out” themselves to her, thinking she was smart enough to know the truth. Aidan always has to remind Austen that it would be a huge violation of the Masquerade, and besides, it would be a terrible burden to put upon her. Austen always relents, but in the back of his mind, he suspects that his sister would be okay with that knowledge.

Just a handful of years into their Requiem, war broke out among the Kindred community, lasting for a year or so. It was led by an Invictus Primogen upstart who challenged the sitting Carthian Prince, Sovereign John Sato. The rebellion was shut down with many casualties on both sides, but eventually the sitting Prince prevailed. Gant Jones was elevated to Sheriff, and the Rogues were named as his Hounds, enforcers for the Prince, helping mete out the justice of the Prince’s rule, as well as enforcing the Traditions.

When Austen first met Sovereign Sato, he was too young and confused to make much of an impression. However, as he matured he began to try to get closer to the Prince. He started to speak Japanese to the Prince at every opportunity. When asked where he had learned Japanese, Austen answered him in Japanese, slightly tinged with the Okinawan dialect, telling the Prince the story of his youth, and how he had reinforced his Japanese skills with a few classes in college. The Prince was pleased. In fact, now that Austen was a Kindred (and is, therefore, naturally more Machiavellian), he even started pandering to the Prince by reading up on more Japanese culture, art, and history than he did before. He enjoys being the gaijin who speaks fluently. At one point he gifted the Prince with a book of haiku from Master Basho Matsuo. He even took a night class or two in ikebana. Frankly, Austen’s skills in Japanese have improved dramatically since being embraced. It’s possible he’s even made the Prince smile once or twice with a well-placed joke in Japanese.

Austen Rogue

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