Arlie Hackett

Psychometrist, Petty Criminal, Student


Arlie Hackett is 5’ 9” tall and is in his early 20’s. He slouches slightly. His common expression is one of anxiety. He rarely smiles. He is not brave.

Arlie is a psychic with the ability to read an item or person’s history. He advertises his ‘ability’ in at least the local New Age Styles free magazine.

His girlfriend and he attend community college. His mom and dad live in New Venice.

Re: Dark Burdock Petals
He draws a blank page with dots as stars, leaves, and a feminine hand wielding a curved knife. The handle is also a blade cutting into the palm of the hand. Blood drops fall.

Re: The Roman Pugio
An incredibly detailed Roman senate chamber but the people are stick figures. The dagger is “empty”.

Re: The Roman Coin
One man paying another man the coin: Gaius Trebonius giving the coin to Marc Antony as a delay tactic. It was payment for a gambling debt owed from playing Duodecim Scripta.

Arlie read Aidan in an attempt to discover information behind the theft of the Roman knife, coin and dark burdock petal. The picture drawn showed his childhood friend confronting the Sovereign. His friend is named Derek and Arlie tells a story of how Derek took the blame for fire which destroyed Derek’s house. Arlie freaked out and left.

Arlie Hackett

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