Anthony Charm

Ex-Sheriff to the ex-governor of Lancea Sanctum, Leo Messerschmitt



Alias: Ken Taggart


The first night the twins met Anthony Charm, he wanted to kill them. To him, they were walking un-breathing violations of the Prince’s laws. He’d just be doing his job. Reluctantly? Nope. He’d enjoy it.

Over the next four years, the Heroes rarely saw Mr. Charm, as he required you to call him. Official functions, mostly. He never passed up the chance to verbally bully the ‘Orphans’. Fortunately, Gant and the Ordo Dracul protected you from escalating danger.

During the recent civil war, the Sovereign’s loyal servants felt Charm’s effective presence on both the brutal and subtle battlefields. Anthony Charm’s favorite weapon is a double bladed battle axe. It is rumored that the carrying sling for the axe is made from a werewolf’s hide.

He is known to enjoy feeding off of drunk mortals.

In his position of Sheriff, he gained access to and knowledge of the arcane items in the Lancea Sanctum’s possession, specifically a Roman dagger. The dagger was a prison for a powerful demon of betrayal. Charm released the demon in exchange for a deal: temporary possession of Charm with the result that Charm would be the Sovereign of New Venice City within three years. Armed with knowledge and power he subtly pushed the Lancea and Invictus into civil war against the Sovereign.

Anthony Charm, upon his capture and ejection/dismissal of the betrayal demon, was forced to help the Heroes revive Gant. Upon Gant’s revival, he pounced upon Charm and choked him with animalistic fury until his head popped like a greasy teenager’s pimple.

Anthony Charm

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