Vampire: New Venice

Session 7

Having successfully recovered the Werewolve’s spirit guardian, we lumbered through the air. Barely making a survivable landing, we group at a hanger. Cars arrive to transport us home before sunrise. We find our Haven having been broken into. The safe was cut open and the artifacts (and other evidence) either stolen or destroyed. Aiden reviews nearby video recordings to see a black pick-up and a single individual with gear. Austen interviews neighbors and makes a ‘friend’, but gains no worthwhile information.

Aiden is assigned to work with Jessica on the ritual to bind the spirit forever. Looking over the short list of people that knew about the artifacts, Austin contact Arley to arange a meeting. He draws another sketch of the dagger. This time it is in the possession of a young man once betrayed by Arley. In the background of the sketch, the Sovereign is seen cowering in the background.

A few days later, we are off in another chopper with the box in tow. Half way to target, Aiden receives a call from Charm directing him to find a concealed GPS unit showing the three additional Werewolf Tribes rushing in to aid their ally.




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