Vampire: New Venice

Session 6

· We get outfitted for battle, with our satchels on our sides, and head out on the bikes to the War Assembly at the Hotel Via Rosa
· We get to the Hotel and go up to the War Assembly room (aka the Such-and-Such), to see several people in attendance, about 20 Kindred and ghouls combined:
o Ophelia, Ambrose Thomas, Gant, Sato, Lynx, Oscar and Ryan, Jessica (a Gangrel), Adam Ciero (the chopper co-pilot)
o The other person hanging out with Ophelia turns out to be a member of a Circle of the Crone group called the Blood of Kingu
· Gant announced the Sovereign will begin; everyone crowds around the table as Sato speaks:
o In two nights time, we will strike the first blow against the Lupines
o We will invade their source of power, which we understand might be a Dragon’s Nest or an object of power
o He mentions a clever ruse designed by he and Gant, and executed by Charm to deliver guns and goods into the Lupine’s hands
o He mentioned how we killed the kinfolk and his protector
o Gant pulls up the box that we got from Charm’s car, in which is a smaller cube of opaque black material; Gant says the box was created by the Lancea Sanctum, and Charm stole it from them to use as leverage, recovered by the Rogue Brothers; the Lancea created this as a trap; it’s basically it’s a containment unit for the captured spirit/power
o Gant indicates Jessica, a lorekeeper of the Crone, will oversee the ritual; he indicates the Blood of Kingu man, Curie, will be accompanying Jessica and other scholars; Gant, and other Blood of Kingu soldiers will also accompany; we will all go in a helicopter to accomplish this
o They pull out maps and such and start going over the plan
o We are to file a flight plan to Sacramento, but when we hit the mountains we will drop below radar line, then land in a tight spot while the assault team goes to perform the ritual; the Rogue Brothers and the pilot, with one Blood of Kingu ghoul, will stay with the helicopter
o After the meeting ends, we disperse, and we briefly speak with Ambrose Thomas, who told us we were doing well, then we talked to Gant, and asked when he will go to the District of Faith; he asked if we will join him, and we tell him we want to strike out on our own; he tested our resolve a bit with that, but we passed his little “test”, and we joked with him a bit; he commented that “We might just make it yet.”
o We leave the meeting and head to Dolly to see if we can cause any trouble with the Einherjahr that we saw at Dolly earlier; we head in, past two loitering schmucks, who asks if we are the Road Brothers, but we correct them; the bigger of the two (Aces) went inside for reinforcements; the other shorter guy is Bengal, who tries to pick a fight with us
o After a glorious battle where Aidan cut through the cannon-fodder and Austen valiantly decimated Mandog and Bengal, the two brothers showed the community that they can rise together to build strong ties; some of the people hailed us, while others decried us
o Aidan picked up a punk chick and rode off on his bike, but was soon chased down by someone in a car; it turned out to be Speedy, who Aidan
o Austen went into Dolly and made nice with Becky, who was angry at him for what he did, but Austen convinced her to calm down with his disarming charm; later, after Austen fed a bit, he came back to get Becky after her shift, and met Adrian, the handyman at Dolly, who lived in the neighborhood for 25 years
o Becky goes with Austen, and he convinces her that he is a walking saint; he ends up having his way with her; he also lays the groundwork with her roommate



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