Vampire: New Venice

Session 5

· In attendance are:
o Deirdre Polly, Nosferatu, Ordo Dracul
o Ambrose Thomas, Ventrue, Ordo Dracul
o Michael Milton Yates, Mekhet, Carthian
o Dr. Shannon MacMillan, Ventrue, Carthian
o Persephone, Daeva, Circle of the Crone
o Ophelia, Gangrel, Circle of the Crone
o Denis Anton, Mekhet, Drifting (Unaligned)
· Austen approaches Persephone and makes some conversation (i.e. schmooze) and she offers him a taste of a ghoul, a beautiful young woman. He takes a taste and immediately floods with the Blush of Life.
· Aidan approaches Ophelia bearing a gift, the silver knife with which he slew the totally powerless and feeble Lupine, ensconced in a wooden display case; she appreciates the gift with animalistic glee; he regales with the story of how he and his brother, the mighty Austen, infiltrated the protectorate of the Wolves and sent them a message
· The “festivities” get started; Sato divvies out the unclaimed areas of the city, and appoints Gant as the authority over the district being given to the Lancea and the Invictus, called the District of Faith; Anthony Charm prostrates himself, subjecting to a vinculum to the Sovereign, and admits his betrayals, including his collusion with the Lupines
· The gift-giving begins:
o Nosferatu Don Williams gave a ring of inconsequential connection to Sato
o A Carthian offers up a suit of a well-known brand in the Sovereign’s size
o Austen gives the scroll, which the Sovereign truly appreciate, telling his valet to “have it framed immediately”
· After the ceremony we talk with Gant, who tells us that he is moving to the new territory, and we’ll need to decide whether to go with him or not.
· After the Elyisum, the Brothers Rogue get kitted out for a night on the town
· The set out on their bikes, ride around, then encounter some douchebags driving like idiots, whom we follow to a gym called Hel’s Gym. They get out and go inside. The meet up with a couple of guys and ask if Bengal is around. They meet a guy named Lars. Lars talks about the fights and the betting, and says Bullet is the bookmaker, if we want to place a bet.
· The boys head to Dolly, where the Rusty Crotchnails are playing; we find nothing and head back to the haven
· The next night we go to a coin store, where we meet Greg. We knock on the closed shop door and go in to speak with him. Greg checks the coin and does some research, discovering that the coin is relatively valuable, in very good condition. It’s a profile of Julius Caesar on one side, with the seal of the Roman Empire on the other side. It’s near-mint, from about 50 BCE. He has sold similar coins for $9k. He offered to buy the coin for $4k, or he could authenticate it for $200.
· The Brothers then head to Waterfalls, an occult shop with a high-tech waterfall; we meet up with Jonesy, who offers to “help” us; he helps us identify the flower as burdock; he tells us that burdock would be used mostly for “healing the heart.” Broken hearts, etc. He says if it was harvested on the longest night of the year, it would have the opposite effect, creating more pain of betrayal (i.e. dark burdock). He helps us choose several books of herbs. Austen takes him to his apartment and feeds on him.
· The boys then head to the Ordo Chapter House on India Point; they intend to research the dark burdock; we enter the grounds, park the car, and knock on the main door; a ghoul steward, Charles Harrison, answers the door; we start researching for rituals and find a couple of books, not much is found out before we finish for the night; we go home for the night
· The next day we head to Stir Crazy to meet Arlie Hackett face-to-face for the first time; Arlie brings Richard Wakefield with him; we negotiate the reading of 2 items for $1,500; he starts with the coin, and his hand starts sketching on his tablet; the coin produces a drawing of a Roman scene, during daylight, of two men facing each other, one man handing the coin to the other; the one with the coin is General Gaius Trebonius, and the guy getting the coin is Marc Antony; Gaius was paying Marc Antony some money he owed him, from playing the game Duodessa Scripta; he starts on the knife, producing a drawing of an amphitheater with benches, most empty, and the ceiling in the background is detailed, but the figures are stick figures, no detail on the people; Arlie is perplexed, saying the knife is empty, that the resonance of betrayal had been stripped from it; at last he reads the burdock, drawing a picture of a POV of the sky at night, a moonless night from December 21st, a woman’s hand cutting a flower with a curved double-edged knife, which cuts into her hand as she harvests the burdock
· The helicopter I fly is a Bell 205-1; I am flying with Adam Ciro, a ghoul who is to accompany me; we fly around the city, land once, switch who is the pilot, then fly back.
· Aidan goes to an MMA gym and scopes it out for lessons; he speaks with the sensei, and arranges for some private lessons to begin Tuesday; nonetheless, Aidan is a big wuss
· Gant tells us to meet him across the bridge, one of us with the car, and one of us on a bike; we end up at a warehouse in Pinewood surrounded with high fences and razor-wire; Gant is inside with Oscar and Ryan, the Carthian agents; a truck pulls up with some ghouls, and we are told to unload the truck, with crates full of weapons and blood, around the warehouse; two Lancea vampire pigeons come by; they are they bait in the intricate trap being laid by Gant and the Sovereign; the black car stays behind, and the Brothers go home together on one bike, with Austen riding bitch
· Saturday night Austen gets some stick-time while Aidan cruises around the neighborhood
· Sunday night we get a text from Sally to collect for the War Assembly on Tuesday night; we head to Diabolique, the club run by Violette Magritte; after greeting Joe at the door, we enter the club to be greeted by Violette, who takes them on a whirlwind tour of the redesigned club, which Austen helps her name “Walking in the Clouds;” Jennifer, her assistant comes by to say hello; we go to the corner to wait for her; at some point Austen asks her about Redwall, and she tells him she doesn’t like the funny man with the “pointed habit;” he then tells her of Arlie, and she does seem interested
· On Monday, Aidan presents Austen with some beautiful silver-edged fighting knives; later that night Austen gets some more stick-time, and brings Aidan with him; by now the chopper was outfitted with folding seats, possibly for an assault on the Lupines
· We end as we wake up on Tuesday, ready for the War Assembly



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