Vampire: New Venice

Session 4

· We wake up, get ready to roll, and get a text message from Director Sally Hughes (i.e. the Prince’s Herald); the text is to indicate there is a general assembly meeting on the next Tuesday at the Hotel Villa Rosa, an Elysium
· Austen tries to research the flowers online, but to no avail, so he decides he’ll have to consult with some expert in person; Austen finds a couple of stores that could help, one the Eye and Stone and the other Waterfalls.
· Aidan went to Radio Shack and other stores to obtain various surveillance tools and equipment
· Austen also researches Redwall, and find that it was founded by Phillip Werner in 1935, his son Leopold is the current owner; Leopold is still actively running the place at 75 years old; he is a collector of ancient weapons, he is one of the foremost authorities on ancient weapons, having written several books and articles; he used to be a competitive professional fencer; the club clientele is comprised of several loyal customers, as well as hipsters; there are stories of people who may have been treated rudely by the staff, and other times when the staff ejecting a rude customer; there is some evidence of Werner leaving Germany as a reaction to the rise of Nazism
· Austen contacted Redwall and asked if he could come talk to Leopold about the knife
· Austen then headed out in the car to meet Aidan near Larkin’s house
· We prep all the surveillance equipment, scope out some unsecured wi-fi hotspots, and begin to place the equipment
· Aidan climbs a lightpole that doesn’t work and places one webcam
· Austen sneaks into the backyard and slips the dog some laced doggie treats so he can place another webcam into a tree looking through the sliding door
· The doggie barfs the treats up, then starts following us around as we sneak inside and look around; since the dog is getting in the way, Austen gives him another laced treat and locks him in the bathroom; Austen hears some barking and scratching, then nothing; when he goes to investigate the bathroom, he finds the dog has somehow escaped; he hears Aidan talk to the dog, Austen walks up, the dog darts into the master bathroom, Austen pursues, they all scuffle; the brother see the dog phase through the bedsheets and the floor, and then they soon hear the dog on the roof, howling; highly unusual; Austen darts to the roof and drop kick the dog to the ground below in a brilliant maneuver; the dog falls to the ground, but then disappears.
· The brother retreat, then head back home to set up the webcams; once the webcams are set up, they see the police in the backyard, investigating with Larkin; there is no sign of the beagle, but the camera picks up a wolf-like shape lurking in the shadows; are werewolves involved? Were-beagles?
· The brother get dressed to hit Dolly again; Austen needs a little snack, and decides to try to pick up Becky from the night before for some action
· When we get to the club, the Atomic Wombats are playing; after putting the mojo on Becky, I take her for a spin on the bike, then take her back to her apartment to give her the Kiss; her roommate is Jill, and her boyfriend in Tony
· We called Gant and updated him on what we learned about Larkin’s dog; he told us to drop everything we had planned for the next night and prepare to meet at dusk
· Gant comes the next morning, and we brief him on the video surveillance; he tells us to kill Larkin, to leave a message to the wolves that they cannot ignore
· We head to Larkin’s house, Aidan calls him to warn the kids off, Larkin freaks out, takes the kids to Red’s, hands them off to their mother, and speaks with the cops; the cops check out the house, then leave
· Larkin drives drunk back to the house, where Aidan gets in the front door posing as a cop; Austen sneaks through the yard; Larkin’s friend Bill was there
· Bill tells Larkin to get more beer from the garage as a pretense to get Larkin out of the room, then Bill attacks Aidan; meanwhile, with blinding alacrity, Austen streaks to the garage and quickly dispatches Larkin; sadly, because Austen was not fully convinced of the rightness or fairness of his actions, his slaughter of Larkin caused him the loss of his precious Humanity, though he did not suffer a derangement from it
· The return home, catch Gant up on the news, and Austen attempts to feed, but he fails, since his mojo is totally shaken from the slaughter of Larkin
· The next night the Brothers head to a Latin dance club to feed; Aidan does a quick wham-bam, but Austen takes his time and seduces a saucy mamacita and has his way with her in a corner, feeding her mind with ideas of spreading the word of (and her legs for) the only real man, Austen Rogue; with any luck, Austen’s name will titillate her lady friends and irritate her boyfriend
· Afterward, they change clothes and head to Redwall to see Leopold Werner; when we get to the club Austen flirts with Christine, the waitress, and they admire the weapons on the wall
o Leopold studies the knife
§ It is a puglia from 100 B.C., Roman in origin
§ It is the same sort of bodkin that was allegedly used by Brutus to kill Caesar
o He takes us back into his office
§ A curious series of identical rooms with doors on each side
§ He offers to purchase the knife from us, but we tell him that we cannot part with it yet, as our employers still need it
§ He provides us some contact information to pursue more academic certification of the knife
· On the way out, Austen nearly bumps into the most attractive women he’s ever known, a woman whose perfume literally intoxicates him; he leads her to a table and discusses things with her; her name is Claire Lily White, Werner’s niece; she worked the mojo on Austen, who became totally enrapt by her; she fed on my devotions to her, eating my passion; suddenly she is stricken with horror, as she realizes Austen is dead inside; she flees, and Austen chases her into the Hedge; Herr Werner intercedes, and Austen bares his fangs; Werner is surprised, but takes him aside and asks him questions as if the Brothers are of the Lost
· Austen tells Gant about the weirdness at Redwall; he wants us to get whatever information we can about Redwall and its inhabitants
· The next night we prepared for the Elysium; Austen had a gift of a Meiji-era woodcut print that resembled him ready for him
· We head to the Villa Rosa for the party
· Ordo Dracul Governor Dierdre Pauley
· Ordo Dracul Governor Ambrose Thomas



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