Vampire: New Venice

Session 3

· After getting dressed, we headed out for the night
· There are three main punk clubs to choose from:
o One has a neon outline of a woman in a sexy pose, similar to a hentai illustration; it is named “Dolly”
o One is decorated with rusty chains on the outside of it, as if anyone who comes to the club might bring chains to throw up on the building, chains of all sizes; it is named “Chain Theater”
o One has a stained cinder-block wall with hundreds of band posters, poster-on-poster, covered by a corrugated metal awning; it is named “Four”
o There are multiple other unnamed clubs around the neighborhood, but these are the biggest and most popular
· On the way to the club, we pass a club with a red-brick face, and the sign reads “Redwall;” it does not have Einherjahr tagging on it, and the building seems to be cleaner than the rest of the street; the patrons who come in and out seem to be a bit more upscale than this neighborhood would support; the people are in their 30s and older, wearing very fashionable clothes, clothing that would seem to indicate higher income brackets and a more upscale lounge environment; the place has its own parking lot and valet; the place has solid reviews on Yelp, and it indicates that it has live music and is a restaurant and bar; the owner is stated to have an incredible collection of weapons adorning the walls; this could be the next investigatory tack to follow up on the ritual knife we found
· The Rogue Bros head for the neon woman club, called Dolly
o On the way to the club we met a homeless man, JR, who Austen gave a little money to; after we left him, we heard three thugs harassing him and breaking his wine; we walked back, Austen accosted the thugs, and Aidan made sure JR was okay, giving him more money; JR mentioned he was a vet; we thrashed the punks (among them Blackie, Chris, and Eugene) and sent them packing
o Playing at the club are the Petrified Clown Turds
o Austen got some information from the bartender, Becky, about Einherjahr; it was started by a guy named Moogie, and their territory goes from X Street to Y Avenue; they came about 5 years ago, and cleaned up the street, forcing alcohol consumption out, and enforcing their rules
o Dolly is owned by Billy Foss, who is almost never around; she mentioned she’s not happy about the families that own the stores who have been consistently harassed by the Einherjahr, but she likes not having rowdy customers
o When the Einherjahr moved in they began to harass businesses, especially liquor stores or bars, forcing them out of the neighborhood
o When leaving the bar, Austen achieved an epic success with Becky, the bartender, in a flirtatious promise to “see more of her”, to which she responded positively
· Next, the Rogue Bros head to the Chain Theater and Four
o They learn that the current boss of Einherjahr is named Mandog, except he is rarely seen
· Outside of Four, we ended coming across 9 Einherjahr beating up a guy and his girlfriend; we dispatched them and came across a guy named Mark, who was armed with a shotgun, who hated the Einherjahr; Mark mentioned the “rules”, which include not dropping blood on the sidewalk
· We let most of the punks go, but kept two, who told us that Bengal and Chin were the ones giving orders, and that Mandog doesn’t really show himself
· We went home and turned in
· The next night we did some more research; I sent another email to Arley asking to meet; Austen also researched Moogie, Mandog, Billy Foss, Bengal, Chin, and Mark (the owner of Four)
· The next night, Gant came by and asked us to find Larkin Durant, a name Austen recognized from the SIM chip; Larkin is white, 32-ish and lives in Richmond Heights; we are to find him, watch him, and learn about him
o After researching Durant we find he is a Park Ranger, divorced
o The town he lives in is nestled up against the mountains
· The Church of St. Cuffman, a Catholic church that caters to homeless to feed them
o Aidan enters and meets Sister Mary Robin Wilson, whom he offers to donate some money
· Durant lives on a cul-de-sac near the edge of the mountains; behind his house is the wash, a big concrete river meant to catch the rain and snow runoff
· While waiting near Durant’s house, Austen got an email from Arley, and after some back and forth he agrees to meet in one week’s time; Austen suggests that they meet shortly after 7PM next Thursday at Stir Crazy, a coffee shop located near Redwall; he agrees
· After observing his house, they return to the neighborhood for Aidan to feed; after that we get home and sleep for the day
· Friday evening we wake up, and Austen researched the flower petal; Austen, through various searches, has narrowed it down to thistle or burdock
· Austen also researches the coin, and finds a couple of rare coin dealers in the neighborhood
o He got two responses asking for more info, and also asking what I’m asking for; they said the coin is Roman in origin
· We head back to Larkin’s house, then follow him to a sports bar called “Red’s”
· We hung out watching Larkin and his friends, nothing happened, we followed him home, we scouted, saw nothing but a dumb dog, then we left
· On the way home we stopped at the flower market and picked up some burdock and thistle; we determined that the flower is probably burdock; next time we will be researching the occult uses of both



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