Vampire: New Venice

Session 2

· With the rest of the night ahead, we explore our new territory further, riding our glorious bikes through our streets
· After sleeping, we get outfitted for heading back to the USS Franklin
· We got the boat again, got to the ship, noticed there was another boat moored to the ship, reeking of humans and cigarette smoke
· We wandered into the bowels of the ship until we came across three men who accosted us; we quickly dispatched them (Jerry, Arley, and Rich); Jerry was killed; Rich, the leader, was gravely wounded, but survived by the generosity of the PCs; Arley was knocked unconscious, but was basically unharmed; Rich blabbed everything to us, including the fact that Arley was capable of psychometry, and in fact, sold his services for it
o Arley is a psychometrist, Rich found him in New Age Styles; we let him go, with the idea that we would follow up on Arley, try to figure out what he is about, possibly grab him for research for the Dragons
· Ken Taggart (Anthony Charm) was the target, Lou the Hippo sent them; Lou can be found at a gentleman’s club in Pineland
· We searched the ship and found:
o A dead cell phone
o A SIM card
o A broken SIM card
o A knife, possibly used for a ritual
o A flower petal
o An ancient Roman coin
· We took photos of everything, copied the SIM chip, then headed back to the Haven to meet Gant
· Gant told us to find out more about the coin, knife and petal
· The gang tag with the buffalo-esque horns is for a gang called “Einherjahr”
· Rich and Jerry’s phones had a number on it, which we will call later from a pay phone
· We researched Arley on the internet, found his email and requested that we meet him; he was skittish at first (could read from the email that I was lying), but he eventually agreed to meet with us; we still have to schedule that meeting
· We also researched the Einherjahr, found out they were old Norse dead warriors of legend
· When we pick up next session, we will have finished the research and will leave the Haven at 10:00pm and head out into the streets of our territory and hit the punk clubs to find out more about the Einherjahr



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