Vampire: New Venice

Session 1

Our assignment is to find Anthony Charm (alive)
· When we left the Haven, we noticed some gang graffiti that said “Hermanos” in bold red letters.
· We are checking one of his three known bolt-holes, in the National Defense Reserve fleet, located in the Bay
o We learned that the shipyard is guarded, and most likely patrols
o The ships are maintained off the coast, but not on military premises
o Protected by private security firm
o Marine patrols unknown
· Austen was able to use his military contacts to speak with Stan, an acquaintance of Regular, who told him that Global Securities was the security company that has the military contracts for may government sites around New Venice
o Global Securities employees are mostly civilian third-tier guard
o There is no water patrol, other than the Coast Guard once or twice a night
o 2 guards during the day, 1 on swing-shift, 1 at night, crews working during the day repairing ships
· Aidan was able to use his dockworkers contacts to speak with Maynard, an old-school dockworker. He’s a gnarled, calloused epitome of the dockworker stereotype. Aidan tried to get a boat for us to use to get to the fleet. He was able to get us hooked up with a craft for $200/night from a guy named Gus.
· Gear:
o Thin nylon rope with grapples and rappelling attachment
o Flashlight with colored lens
o Earpiece communicators
o 2 flares (Aidan)
o Stakes
o Lockpicks (Aidan)
o Duct tape
o Zip ties
o Ball-gag
o Metal thermos filled with bleach (Aidan)
o Small bundle of rags (Austen)
o Small pry-bar (Austen)
o Couple of glow-sticks
o Powdered graphite (to add next time)
o Small bolt cutters (to add next time)
· We got the boat and navigated slowly to the ship where Charm might be; Aidan had some trouble navigating the waters, but Austen managed to correct his bearings
· We got to the USS Franklin, dispatched a drunken meal, then made our way into the bowels of the ship; we eventually entered the engine room, where we found Charm; Charm surrendered, ceded his axe to us, then came with us.
o While on the ship, we smelled an occultic herb odor wafting through the air.
· We piloted the boat to his car to retrieve a box, but we were accosted by ghouls in the service of Charm’s enemies, dressed as MPs. We killed them (after Austen frenzied with rage), then they burned that cars to get rid of the evidence, but we took all their wallets, jewelry, and weapons.
· We drove to the Transportation Authority grounds for our meeting, where waiting for us were the Sovereign’s agents, Ryan Hargrave and Oscar Colm of the Carthians
· When we returned to our Haven, the “Hermanos” graffiti was covered with an unrecognizable symbol in white
· Gant met us later to congratulate, and tell us how this was all prearranged, to save Charm some face with his erstwhile allies. The backhanded insult was the Rogue brothers were sent to take him down. When we informed Gant of what we discovered on the boat, Gant then told us to explore the USS Franklin further the next night.



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